v1.2.0 | Release Notes

Release date: August 13, 2019

Performance, Reliability, & Stability release

Performance & Stability, v1.2.0

  • Extensive installation testing from pypi to resolve post-installation artifact issues.
  • sudo/ root user installation: testing resulted in extensive refactor of setup.py and other installation artifacts
  • Restructuredtext is now the default format for all included documentation for keyup deployments, replacing markdown README and other documnetation in this format.
  • common.py: new commons (as in “common functionality”) module introduced in this release. This is part of the deprecation movement for script_utils.py module.

Reliability, v1.2.0

  • A runtime test to ensure system logger is enabled and functional added in this release. Prevents catastrophic exception failures when keyup is used in a Docker container or LXC environment.

  • Applies to the following linux system loggers:

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