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Module keyup.cli

async_caller Calls asynchronous functions
authenticated Tests generic authentication status to AWS Account
boto3_session Summary:
help_menu Displays help menu contents
get_current_key Extracts the STS AccessKeyId currently utilised in user’s
remove_temporary_credentials Filers temporary credentials from the list of profilenames
clean_config Test local awscli config for Active temporary credentails
parse_awscli Parse, update local awscli config credentials
set_logging Enable or disable logging per config object parameter
precheck Verify project runtime dependencies
create_keyset Creates new access key, secret key pair for iam user
set_keyset Sets new access keys in memory to execute requests to Amazon APIs
write_keyset Write out new awscli credentials to local config
write_keyset_backup Writes newly created keyset to disk provided configuration file flag set:
configure_keyset Parses local awscli config and reconfigures it with
delete_keyset Deletes oldest access key credentials associated with a user
options Parse cli parameter options
package_version Prints package version and requisite PACKAGE info
shared_credentials_location Discover alterate location for awscli shared credentials file
source_globals Source all global variable definitions here
init Caller function; initializes all functionality
main End-to-end renew of access keys for a specific profile in local awscli config

Module keyup.cauth

authentication class def for generation and retention of a single set of credentials for generating key-report via a single iam user priviledges
convert Convert days to hours
discover_account_affiliations Associates each profile name in local awscli configuration
display_table Print Table Object offset from left by tabspaces
expired_keys Convert datetime objects into human readable
format_remaining Formats days remaining value
print_header Paints title header grid of a vpt Table
time_remaining Calculate the days until expiration
setup_table Renders Table containing data elements via cli stdout
source_globals global environment variable definitions
truncate_fields Truncates table field data to align with max column width
prepare_reportdata Prints out key expiration info for all profilenames associated with the primary profilename given to access the account information

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