v0.9.1 | Release Notes

Release date: Jan 22, 2018

Features, v0.9.1

  • Awareness of STS Temporary Credentials.
    keyup is now temporary-credential aware in that it will detect when the local awscli config contains temporary credentials. If it does, keyup will test up to 2 profiles to determine if the credentials are currently ACTIVE. If ACTIVE, key rotation will not be be permitted. If temp credentials are inactive, key operations proceed normally. When writing to the local config, keyup can keyup can interrupt automated jobs utilising temporary credentials.
  • Console Script: for displaying local config file contents.
    Console script keyconfig can now be used to display the contents of The local configuration file, if one exists. If the local config file does not exist yet because the user has not yet to run the configuration menu, then a message informing the user how to generate a local configure is displayed.
  • Documentation: FAQ.
    Full Frequently Asked Questions section on readthedocs completed and available.
  • Improved Exception Handling
    keyup now handles IAM usernames that do not exist more gracefully during list-keys or key rotation operations.

Fixed, v0.9.1

  • Various Bug Fixes: Fixed various minor issues
  • IAM User Reporting Inaccuracies: Previously reporting IAM Usernames as ‘None’

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