keyup automates IAM user access key rotation from the cli by allowing ad hoc or scheduled renewal of your access key credentials via the Amazon API’s.


  • is a safe and reliable way to rotate (renew) access keys to Amazon Web Services as frequently as you wish, with minimal effort and risk.
  • requires only the profile name of your IAM user in your local awscli configuration


  • access key rotation via the Amazon APIs

  • key rotation includes:

    • creation of new access keys
    • automated installation in the local awscli configuration
    • deprecated key deletion
  • automated, unattended key rotation

  • rotate keys as frequently as you wish (daily, for example)

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Getting Started

Before starting, please take a moment to read the following:

Other Resources:

Current Release:

  • Ensure you are running the most current release. See the most Current Release.

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Download: Available via download in the formats below

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Parameters & Options

Display help menu to see available options and functionality.

$  keyup  --help

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Code is provided “as is”. No liability is assumed by either the code’s originating author nor this repo’s owner for their use at AWS or any other facility. Furthermore, running function code at AWS may incur monetary charges; in some cases, charges may be substantial. Charges are the sole responsibility of the account holder executing code obtained from this library.

Additional terms may be found in the complete license agreement.

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