Source code for keyup.script_utils

Command-line Interface (CLI) Utilities Module

Module Functions:
    - bool_assignment:
        set bool depending up user answer from stdin
    - config_init:
        Initializes config file if none exists
    - debug_mode:
        Provide additional log output for debugging
    - read_local_config:
        parse local config file
import sys
import os
import json
import platform
import datetime
import re
import logging
import inspect
from libtools.js import export_iterobject
from keyup.colors import Colors
from keyup import __version__

# globals

    from keyup import logger
except Exception:
    logger = logging.getLogger(__version__)

[docs]def bool_assignment(arg, patterns=None): """ Summary: Enforces correct bool argment assignment Arg: :arg (*): arg which must be interpreted as either bool True or False Returns: bool assignment | TYPE: bool """ arg = str(arg) # only eval type str try: if patterns is None: patterns = ( (re.compile(r'^(true|false)$', flags=re.IGNORECASE), lambda x: x.lower() == 'true'), (re.compile(r'^(yes|no)$', flags=re.IGNORECASE), lambda x: x.lower() == 'yes'), (re.compile(r'^(y|n)$', flags=re.IGNORECASE), lambda x: x.lower() == 'y') ) if not arg: return '' # default selected else: for pattern, func in patterns: if pattern.match(arg): return func(arg) except Exception as e: raise e
[docs]def config_init(config_file, json_config_obj, config_dirname=None): """ Summary: Creates local config from JSON seed template Args: :config_file (str): filesystem object containing json dict of config values :json_config_obj (json): data to be written to config_file :config_dirname (str): dir name containing config_file Returns: TYPE: bool, Success | Failure """ HOME = os.environ['HOME'] # client config dir if config_dirname: dir_path = HOME + '/' + config_dirname if not os.path.exists(dir_path): os.mkdir(dir_path) os.chmod(dir_path, 0o755) else: dir_path = HOME # client config file r = export_iterobject( dict_obj=json_config_obj, filename=dir_path + '/' + config_file ) return r
[docs]def debug_mode(header, data_object, debug=False, halt=False): """ debug output """ if debug: print('\n ' + str(header) + '\n') try: export_iterobject(data_object) except Exception: print(data_object) if halt: sys.exit(0) return True
[docs]def import_file_object(filename): """ Summary: Imports block filesystem object Args: :filename (str): block filesystem object Returns: dictionary obj (valid json file), file data object """ try: handle = open(filename, 'r') file_obj = dict_obj = json.loads(file_obj) except OSError as e: logger.critical( 'import_file_object: %s error opening %s' % (str(e), str(filename)) ) raise e except ValueError: '%s: import_file_object: %s not json. file object returned' % (inspect.stack()[0][3], str(filename)) ) return file_obj # reg file, not valid json return dict_obj
[docs]def read_local_config(cfg): """ Parses local config file for override values Args: :local_file (str): filename of local config file Returns: dict object of values contained in local config file """ try: if os.path.exists(cfg): config = import_file_object(cfg) return config else: logger.warning( '%s: local config file (%s) not found, cannot be read' % (inspect.stack()[0][3], str(cfg))) except OSError as e: logger.warning( 'import_file_object: %s error opening %s' % (str(e), str(cfg)) ) return {}