Source code for keyup.logd

    Project-level logging module

import os
import sys
import inspect
import logging
import logging.handlers
from pathlib import Path
from keyup.statics import local_config

syslog = logging.getLogger()

valid_modes = ('STEAM', 'FILE', 'SYSLOG')

[docs]def mode_assignment(mode): """ Translates arg to enforce proper assignment """ return { 'STREAM': 'STREAM', 'CONSOLE': 'STREAM', 'STDOUT': 'STREAM', 'FILE': 'FILE', 'FILEOBJECT': 'FILE', 'FILESYSTEM': 'FILE', 'SYSLOG': 'SYSLOG', 'MESSAGES': 'SYSLOG', 'SYSTEM': 'SYSLOG' }.get(mode.upper(), 'STREAM')
[docs]def logprep(mode): """ Summary: prerequisites for logging to file mode Args: :mode (str): valid value is 'FILE'; parameter used for logging type validation only Return: Success | Failure, TYPE: bool """ try: if not mode.startswith('FILE'): return False log_path = local_config['LOGGING']['LOG_PATH'] path, log_dirname = os.path.split(log_path) if not os.path.exists(path): os.makedirs(path) if not os.path.exists(log_path): Path(log_path).touch(mode=0o644, exist_ok=True) except OSError as e: syslog.exception(f'{inspect.stack()[0][3]}: Failure while seeding log file path: {e}') syslog.warning(f'{inspect.stack()[0][3]}: Log preparation fail - exit') sys.exit(1) return True
def _format_map(format): return { 'FILE': '%(asctime)s - %(pathname)s - %(name)s - [%(levelname)s]: %(message)s', 'STREAM': '%(pathname)s - %(name)s - [%(levelname)s]: %(message)s', 'SYSLOG': '- %(pathname)s - %(name)s - [%(levelname)s]: %(message)s' }.get(mode_assignment(format), 'STREAM')
[docs]def getLogger(*args, **kwargs): """ Summary: custom format logger Args: mode (str): The Logger module supprts the following log modes: - log to console / stdout. Log_mode = 'stream' - log to file - log to system logger (syslog) Returns: logging object | TYPE: logging singleton """ def _logconfig_file(logger_object): if logprep(mode_assignment(log_mode)): # file handler f_handler = logging.FileHandler(local_config['LOGGING']['LOG_PATH']) f_formatter = logging.Formatter(_format_map('file'), asctime_format) f_handler.setFormatter(f_formatter) logger.addHandler(f_handler) logger.setLevel(logging.DEBUG) return logger def _logconfig_stdout(logger_object): # stream handlers s_handler = logging.StreamHandler() s_formatter = logging.Formatter(_format_map('stdout')) s_handler.setFormatter(s_formatter) logger.addHandler(s_handler) logger.setLevel(logging.DEBUG) return logger def _logconfig_syslog(logger_object): syslog_facility = 'local7' if local_config['LOGGING']['SYSLOG_FILE'] else 'user' sys_handler = logging.handlers.SysLogHandler(address='/dev/log', facility=syslog_facility) sys_formatter = logging.Formatter(_format_map('syslog')) sys_handler.setFormatter(sys_formatter) logger.addHandler(sys_handler) logger.setLevel(logging.DEBUG) return logger def _logmode_map(mode, _lobject): return { "FILE": _logconfig_file, "STREAM": _logconfig_stdout, "SYSLOG": _logconfig_syslog, }.get(mode, lambda x: _logconfig_stdout)(_lobject) # query local configuration for logging methodology log_mode = local_config['LOGGING']['LOG_MODE'] # timestamp; all modes asctime_format = "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S" try: logger = logging.getLogger(*args, **kwargs) logger.propagate = False if mode_assignment(log_mode) not in valid_modes: ex = Exception( '%s: Unsupported mode indicated by log_mode value: %s' % (inspect.stack()[0][3], str(log_mode)) ) raise ex if not logger.handlers: # branch on output format, default to stream return _logmode_map(mode_assignment(log_mode), logger) except OSError as e: syslog.warning( '%s: [WARN]: Unknown error configuring logging objects for log mode (%s)' % (inspect.stack()[0][3], str(log_mode)) ) raise e