Source code for keyup.progress

import sys
import inspect
import datetime
from tqdm import trange
from time import sleep

from keyup.colors import Colors
from keyup import logger
from keyup import __version__

# globals

[docs]def progress_bar(seconds, msg=None, quiet=False): """ Summary: Delay timer function with graphical progress bar Prints animation to the cli until background process complete Args: seconds (int): number of timer seconds; delay msg (str): progress bar timeout (secs) description caption. .. code-block:: python # Example: msg = 'Process ready in: ' description.caption = msg + 'X seconds' Returns: TYPE: bool, Delay Duration End (True) | Delay Duration Interrupt (False) """ seconds = int(seconds) '%s: Received a value of %d seconds for progress delay' % (inspect.stack()[0][3], seconds) ) # eval prerun conditions if msg is None: msg = ' Process Complete in: ' if quiet: 'quiet is enabled, suppress stdout graphics. Sleeping for {} seconds'.format(seconds) ) sleep(seconds) return True # init start = datetime.datetime.utcnow() t = trange(100) try: for i in t: # Description will be displayed on the left pct_divisor = 100 / seconds time_left = (100 - i) / pct_divisor t.set_description( msg + '%s secs | Progress' % (Colors.BOLD + str(round(time_left)) + Colors.RESET) ) # Postfix will be displayed on the right, and will format automatically #t.set_postfix(str='h', lst=[1, 2]) t.set_postfix() sleep(seconds / 100) dt = datetime.datetime.utcnow() - start if time_left == 0 or dt.seconds >= seconds: break print('\n') except Exception as e: print( '%s: Unknown exception (%s) during progress bar execution.' % (inspect.stack()[0][3], str(e)) ) raise e return True
if __name__ == '__main__': delay = input( '\n\tEnter the number of seconds for progress bar delay function: [%s sec] %s: ' % (DELAY_SECONDS, '(q to quit)') ) if not delay: delay = DELAY_SECONDS elif delay == 'q': sys.exit(0) print('\n\tDelay seconds will be: %d\n' % int(delay)) progress_bar(int(delay)) sys.exit(0)